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Happy New Year!

So much has happened since my last post! India was amazing. If you're on my mailing list you got a lot of photos from the trip, along with tales of my adventures. If you're just joining the conversation, I will leave you with this photo I took of a wild tiger walking out of the jungle and my reflections during the last week on Safari.

The jungle is a village. The tigers and leopards are, respectively, the maharajas and moguls, the bourgeoisie upper class who rule the village. The langurs and the spotted deer are close friends who gossip, loudly, about the tigers and leopards whenever they are near. The gaur (Indian bison) set-up daily in the food court under the power lines. The elephants wander from district to district gathering the daily news. The birds are migrants who keep to their own bodegas in the trees, and humans are the tourists, who don't even know enough to know that staring is rude. 

It was a great trip, but I'm happy to be home and back to work!

In regards to Triangle Rolfing, the biggest news for existing clients and prospective clients this year is that I am taking Fridays off in order to rest my hands. To be able to afford this, the price increase is as follows:

$150 for a half session (45-60 minutes) and $200 for a full (75-90 minutes.)

Senior Pricing this year:

$130 for a half session and $180 for a full.

There is an update on the health front. We did find mold upstairs, and it does seem to be coming from the attic. None of the tests were positive in the basement. The remedy for this is remediation and a new roof, which should be happening in April where I've already slated some time off so as not to be working while there is hammering above. Fingers crossed this is the answer, and the joint issues begin to clear up after that!

Currently, I'm not booking past June. I will let everyone know when and if that changes via email. I have a list of Rolfers in the area which I intend to post on my website soon. Please email me if you'd like it before I get it posted. I hope to start scheduling with them in the new year, so I can best advise you which person you might be most compatible in case I go back to school.

I hope you know I'm wishing each and every one of you the very best this New Year!

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